Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Badass wing chun update

It's so damn hot and yet we continue to move forward. Lots of people on vacation right now. I am about to send out my first flyers next week to try to get some new blood. We could have a schedule change coming at the end of the summer for the Taipei wing chun crew. Check back here for's just too hot to write a blog today. Here is some badass stuff to help us get inspired to fight the heat and keep training.

They don't make videos like this...but they should. Red Fang's "Prehistoric Dog"
"What is this '6-pack' you speak of?" (Fedor...if you don't know then now you know)
 C' gotta love the shoe on the floor
 This hipster will whoop your ass (actually a professor)
 I ain't messing with this dude
I wasn't a tattoo fan I am (he lost the arm in a shark attack).
Suddenly my motorcycle don't seem so great. Damn, you would think a parrot and a cigar on a beat up motorcycle would be too much...apparently not.
Ok, me and Steve are outta here.