Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Why did you get injured? It's your fault

Ok, ok, it's not necessarily your fault, but you are better off treating your injuries as if they really ARE your fault. Obviously, if you get hurt somehow, you should consider how it happened and think about what you could do to avoid something similar happening in the future. That is just common sense. Be sure to do it especially when it seems obvious that it wasn't your fault at all.

Actually, what I really want to focus on is how you are interacting with the environment. Clumsy people trip and fall and knock things over and think "I'm just clumsy". That is usually not true, they aren't paying attention to what is around them when they move and are stuck in their thought processes. Certainly there could be physiological reasons why someone is clumsy, but I am just talking about normal people not paying attention. If you are getting injured because you aren't paying attention to what you are doing, think of it as the universe talking to you. It's telling you to wake up or you are going to get really hurt.

Other people have problems with trying to force outcomes (this is almost everyone). If you constantly mentally and physically try to force outcomes, don't be surprised when you get injured. You can only push and clamp for so long before something pushes back.

On the bright side, injuries should be seen as opportunities. Maybe you need to change or evolve but you are lost in your own mental loops and can't change yourself. The universe steps in and helps you by forcing a new mental state on you. It doesn't matter whether this is actually the case or not, it is simply a good metaphor that can help you out.

It worked for me. I never would have made any real progress in martial arts without my hand injury. It happened right at the right time for me. I also currently have a student with a much more serious injury that is making loads of progress right now while it is debatable whether he should even be training at all. Meanwhile, I see people who get hurt all the time, but don't take the time to think about how the kind of person they are could be causing them bodily harm.  

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