Sunday, June 6, 2010

台北千人打詠春 - Trip Report

Well, things didn't turn out as expected. I planned to go to the 1000 people do wing chun promotion for the new Yip Man movie to do some filming. Unfortunately, nothing cooperated with that plan.

First of all, it was raining and pretty miserable for 7am on a Saturday morning. I told my camera buddy not to come since it was raining and not many people were there.

I will make this quick, because the whole thing was boring and lame. There was a second-rate drum and dragon dance performance that had nothing to do with wing chun. The MC was annoying as hell in typical Taiwan fashion. About 30 people performed siu lim tao on stage. The actors from the movie were visibly uncomfortable at being there. No one in the audience did any wing chun or were led through any forms. There was no chisao of any kind really except for like 10 seconds by the actors from the movie. Overall, just a huge boring waste of time.

I knew from the start that the whole thing was just a PR event for the movie, but part of me hoped it would be well done. It wasn't. They just built a stage and stuck some people on it to wave their hands around and smile. Oh, and there was a raffle for bottled water and little cans of some kind of meat. Awesome. Ok, I am done with movies and other people's wing chun. From now on, I am out of the wing chun news business. I will concentrate on what my students and I do.


  1. too bad you weren't there. I needed someone to kvetch to.