Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Halloween hair affair

I have never been the greatest at preparation of any kind, and certainly not for Halloween.
My general rules for coming up with a costume are...
1. No pun costumes
2. Gotta make it yourself
3. No masks or too much make-up
4. No boxes or complicated stuff
5. No gory, or "cool" costumes, the more ridiculous the better
4. Gotta do it day before or day of.

Last year, I had two hours to get my costume together so I decided to be Carl from Aqua Teen Hunger Force

Here is what I came up with.

So I shaved the "bozo" cut in my head. Nobody knew what the hell I was supposed to be, but they loved the fact that I looked stupid, so I kept the cut for a while.

I kind of grew attached to the look, but after a while you get tired of talking about bald heads, mustaches and how stupid you look. I don't think it did me any favors for attracting new wing chun students either. It lasted about a week.

This year, I planned to do the "bozo" with much longer hair and a bigger mustache so I went into mustache training at the beginning of the month. Wasn't sure what I was going to be, but I was sure a-thinking. Then, a week ago, I had to shave it for a job I did so no more mustache. Oh well, what you gonna do? I wanted to do something involving shaving my head because I was tired of having long hair. So, I shaved it.

 I wanted something good, but the best I could do was Mr. Clean.

Here is my version with Lady Gaga.

Ok, so the hair stuff doesn't end there. My friend with a shaved head was looking for ideas and all he had was some kind of flame wig. He wanted to go as heat miser.

I said, "no way, dude. You don't want your beers to get lukewarm in your clutch. Go as Super Saiyan Michael Phelps!"

"What's that?" he says.

"It's this."

Ok, he didn't know what the hell I was talking about because he not nearly as nerdy as I am. I just thought it would be cool for him to be the most obscure internet meme I could think of.

My friend didn't even know what Dragonball Z was  (I promise I only know what it is, never read it) so he wikipedia-ed it and decided to go as that.

So this fool just happens to have a Dragonball Z wig and then on the day of Halloween puts together a costume that would make lifestyle cosplayers hard. He even had a perfectly cut out comic accurate Chinese character on the back. He was a hit at the party we went to, but damn, I wanted my Super Saiyan Phelps.
Then, I got my chance...I saw a huge dude walk in dressed as Michael Phelps. I grabbed my friends wig and did some fast talking. The outcome....

That's right, Super Saiyan Michael Phelps sucking on a bong.

Mission accomplished. Happy Halloween!


  1. *clap*

    Well done Mr. Clean.

    It's a happy halloween for you even though the party music sucked ass big time!!!!

  2. Yeah, no shit. I need to write an to dj. Too bad no one will read it.