Monday, November 16, 2009

Kungfu flying

I need to make a flyer.

I have always gotten students by word of mouth, but now my students are getting better and I would really like for them to have more people to interact with. Also, I love teaching so the more the merrier. 

If I were totally awesome, I would do something like this. 
But I have learned from experience that people who are planning to study martial arts often don't quite see the humor in things the same way I do. 

I think what you are supposed to do is put on some pajamas, pick up a staff and strike a cool kungfu pose and take a black and white picture in the mountains or maybe get a cool silhouette of a dude in a pose. Then you pick out a fortune cookie font and cut and paste some info about wing chun from wikipedia. Gotta be sure to say efficient and centerline a bunch of times for best effect. 

I was going to post some funny flyers that I found on the internet, but it's kind of depressing. They are all EXTREME and often have people kicking, especially the Taekwondo ones...Oh wait, here is good one. I knew good ole Aikido wouldn't let me down.
Yeah, I don't think so. 

Damn, if I am going to have a flyer, I need a logo. I think you just take a Yin Yang symbol and throw some Chinese characters on it, or maybe add a snake or crane or something, maybe some weapons. This is getting hard.

Ok, I will sketch something up in MS paint. Here you go.
That can be my logo. A dude chillin in hammock between two wooden dummy palms drinking a pina colada (I tried to draw a beer, but it was too much work and beyond my drawing skills.) Don't worry, this is just a draft. I will turn the sun into a yin yang symbol and draw a dragon flying across the sky or something. 

Of course I am kidding. I still have no idea what I will do. Probably just get name cards with my blog address written on it. Whatever I do, I will post it here so you can make fun of my photoshop skills. 

Now, what's the best filter to make a convincing chi blast?


  1. Some sort of crane vs. snake motif with a triangle worked into it seems to be popular. Personally, I like the guy on the hammock.

  2. don't forget to use the word "devastating" on your flyer, too.

  3. Maybe you should talk to my friend Matt, who has very reasonably side-project rates:

  4. I may have to do that. If what I do is bad enough, I will consider it a "guide" for someone who actually knows what they are doing.