Thursday, May 27, 2010

Freddiew rocks

For some reason, I have been concentrating on movies and media more than wing chun lately. I have been pretty down on action movies lately so I figured I would feature some action stuff I like. This is done by a fellow goon so I figured I would give him more exposure, not that he needs it or that it would really help. Mostly I just like his videos, especially his action videos. There is something quite inspiring about unbridled nerdiness.

Here is his latest action scene. 

Asshole Jedi

Portal gun in real life (not that I have ever played Portal)

How to make youtube videos widescreen

Call of Duty tribute part 1

Ok, that is enough embedding. If you want to see more go to They are all well done and at least amusing. Keep on making videos, Freddie.


  1. Sorry, i realize most of those videos are cut off...working on it. Until I fix it, just watch them on youtube.

  2. Ok, that should be a little better now.

  3. Oh my god, this is waaaaaaay too nerdy...