Thursday, May 27, 2010

The Yip Men Cometh

So first there was the Ip Man movie which was pretty fun. Then, there was the sequel, Ip Man 2, which sucked. Now there is talk of a third film Ip Man 3 which would focus on the relationship between Yip Man and Bruce Lee. So, who are they thinking of casting as Bruce Lee? Holy crap.....Asian Pop superstar, Jay Chou.
But...that is just a rumor at this point. Apparently, the new movie may be delayed for a while. Donnie Yen doesn't seem so keen to do another one (who could blame him?) and....get this...there are two more fricken Yip Man movies coming down the pipeline in the near future.

The first is The Legend is Born: Ip Man directed by Herman Yau with film adviser Ip Chun and featuring a lot of the actors in the last Yip Man movie such as Sammo Hung. (I know I keep writing Yip Man rather than Ip Man, but Ip Man bugs me for some reason and Yip Man is more commonly used.). The film is due out next month and will supposedly be more "realistic" or based on the actual story of Yip Man's life. Here is a trailer.

Then, it gets better. In 2011, Chungking Express director, Wong Kar Wai, will release The Grandmaster. What is The Grandmaster you ask? Its a biopic about an obscure wing chun teacher by the name guessed it...Yip Man. I got to be honest, this is pretty exciting. I love Chungking Express and Wong Kar Wai films in general. The film will be starring Tony Leung and Zhang Ziyi. How can this be bad? Wouldn't be surprised if there weren't any fight scenes at all in it which would be fine by me. Damn, the movies be wing chun crazy right now.


  1. The prequel of the Yip looks very sensational and has the potential of a good entertainment! One of the reasons is that there's no familiar faces except for Sammo Hung.

    As for Jay Chao and Wong Kar Wai's attempt, I wonder if they'll all look more like a music video rather than a movie. Maybe they'll just have lots of background music to go with it and a love story involved to distract the lack of Wing Chung innit.

  2. I agree. The first Ip Man movie starring Donnie Yen was exciting. The fight scenes were awesome and so was the story. The second Ip Man was simply made to make more money off of the first as the story sucks and so was the fight scenes. The maker of the sequel claimed it to be better than the first only because they wanted to promote it. And speaking of making money off of the first, The Legend is born: Ip Man is a prime example, only it sucks more than anything. The fight scenes, the acting, the direction, etc.. just cannot be compared with Donnie Yen's first Ip Man, one of the greatest martial art movie of all time. I bought it but wouldn't take its sequel or the low-life The Legend is Born even if they were free.

  3. I agree with everything you said.